Therapists - Specialist Skills

Do you have physical or behavioural therapy skills? Or an interest in supporting children with physical and mental disabilities? Unfortunately, due to low resources, there is a lack of understanding and skills to support those with disabilities living in residential projects. There is a great need for volunteers who can use any specialized skills in physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing or other professions with qualifications that could support children with mental or physical disabilities.

Volunteers help with physical and mental stimulation of these children, partaking in daily physical stretches and exercises with each child, recording notes on activities they engage with and their range of motion, and sharing their skills with local staff to continue your work once you are home again. If you do not have a related qualification, we still welcome you to join this program - there's always a need for volunteers to provide interaction and engagement for these kids to help them reach their full potential and build relationships.

Each day will be different, but we encourage you to build your own routine, taking time to work with each child in your area of the project on physical activities, one-to-one interaction and mental engagement. One aim of this project at the moment is to keep a record log for each child with information on them to help future volunteers and staff - anything you can contribute to these notes would be greatly appreciated.


This program is located in the beautiful rural outskirts of Hanoi, in a district called Ba Vi (around 50 km from Hanoi central) or you may also wish to go to our Huong La program, see program tab. 

See Hanoi Programs/Ba Vi

Cost:     Placement Fee: 1st time US$560 2nd time US$460 Thereafter US$360

The Placement Fee is payable two months in advance of your arrival, if you need to cancel your trip due to an emergency Red Lotus will refund US$400 of the fee, but will retainUS$160 to cover administration costs

Accommodation:  Volunteers will find accommodation in one of two guesthouses in Thuy An village, only a short walk to the center,  cost is around $10 per night. Basic Vietnamese evening meals can be found in the village and although the area is rural it but does have most conveniences including a coffee shop and wifi.

Meals:  The Red Lotus coordinator will show the volunteer all of the types of eateries in the area and explain the meals that would best suit the volunteers requirements. The coordinator will show the location of each place and also cater for volunteers with special dietary needs. Three basic meals a day cost around $5 per day

Activities:  Activities for the volunteers will be determined by the volunteers skill set and physical ability. Red Lotus and the director of the Orphanage will sit with the volunteer on the first day and arrange a time schedule if required. We like to call the center an open book and somewhere within the pages you wil find an area that you are comfortable with and basically decide your own workplace. We do not ask volunteers to do anything they are uncomfortable with, but there is a place for all.

Minimum Length of Stay: 2 weeks

Support:  Airport Pick up      

Orientation Program

Placement in a quality project, allowing you to maximize your time and efforts for a good cause     

Guidance and support of the local Red Lotus Coordinator (24/7 in case of emergency)     

Site visits, ongoing support during the term of the assignment


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