Caroline (England)

Caroline settling in with the kids in room 2, so great to have another nurse on hand for a period of time, Caroline really adds value to our Helping Hands team.

Liz and Thuan (Australia)

Liz is back with us for her fifth time, this time she bought her friend and Vietnamese language teacher Thuan with her. Liz is not only a wonderful volunteer but also a great supporter of our Helping Hands Vietnam program. Welcome back friend and a first time welcome to Thuan, enjoy the month you have with us ladies.

Issy is back again

Issy (Australia) returns to us for a third time, Issy is also a great supporter of our Helping Hands program and even went to the extreme of shaving her head to raise money for our program. Love you Issy, welcome back to your Vietnam family.

Peter and Faye (Australia)

Peter and Faye have bought to us their unique brand of music therapy. They perform full time for children with disabilities in Perth and we are really happy that they have come to share their skills and music with our kids in Ba Vi.

Jenny (Australia)

Jenny is celebrating her Mums birthday with her new found friends 🎂😀 we know the journey you had to get to us, we all hope your time with us is very special

Andrew and Jed (USA)

This week we have Andrew & Jed with us in Ba Vi! This is our second time we have had students come to us from the John Carroll School. The children are really enjoying their time with them! ❤️ welcome guys!

Xmas at Huong La

Being a predominately Christian area of Vietnam and of course with the center run by our Catholic Sisters of Unity, the kids are very lucky to celebrate Christmas in a very special way. Last night Terry (RLF founder) took a few of the kids around the streets near the center and all enjoyed the Xmas spirit.

Tekla (New Zealand)

Tekla returns to us for a fifth time, affectionally know to both the children and our staff as Mumma,. Her love of the children is almost matched by her photography and love of the water buffalo and the Vietnam countryside. Tekla is pictured with one of her little favourites, Roi, from room 1.

Maree (Australia)

Maree is a first time volunteer with us and being a disability worker in Australia is very helpful in the environment that we work in. We are sure that she will have a wonderful time with us over the next month and bring much joy and experience to our kids.

Brett and Taiysa (Canada)

Brett and Taiysa are back with us for their third time, every year we look forward to their company both at the center and sometimes in travel. So happy to see them again, only downside is we will have to wait another year to see them here again :)