Maree (Australia)

Maree is a first time volunteer with us and being a disability worker in Australia is very helpful in the environment that we work in. We are sure that she will have a wonderful time with us over the next month and bring much joy and experience to our kids.

Brett and Taiysa (Canada)

Brett and Taiysa are back with us for their third time, every year we look forward to their company both at the center and sometimes in travel. So happy to see them again, only downside is we will have to wait another year to see them here again :)

"Passports with Purpose"

We thank the University of New South Wales (Australia) for their continued support over the years. Two times every year a wonderful group of students, this year no different with our second group, thanks guys

Sarah (England)

Sarah is back with us again, every year for the past five years Sarah has come and played Santa for the kids, had to come a little early this year due to work commitments but Luon and Dao were just as happy to see her again.

Claire (Australia)

Its wonderful to welcome volunteers from all over the world, but its always a little special for me to welcome people from my home country to Vietnam. Great to have you here Clare and I hope it will just be the beginning of a long relationship with your new Red Lotus family and the kids we serve. Terry (Red Lotus founder)

Ben (Australia)

Ben is back again, Ben who is a physiotherapist is seen with Thanh sorting out who is the real boss of the physio room :)

Volunteer cooperation between Ba Vi and Huong La Centres

A big thank you to Ellen, Katie and Thuy for spending a few days at Huong La Center assessing the children's disabilities. Thanks for giving practical advice during a workshop on new methods for the sisters to use going forward. The practices and equipment will enhance the children's wellbeing and mobility, thanks guys from all <3 <3

Ellen (England)

Red Lotus welcomes Ellen to the family, Ellen is a physiotherapist from England and is seen here working with our little Phuc and our Helping Hands Vietnam worker Chuyen.

Victoria (England)

Red Lotus is happy to welcome Victoria to her new family in Ba Vi, Victoria comes to us off recommendations from past volunteers, the way that most of our new volunteers do as our network continues to grow.

Christine (USA)

Is another first time volunteer to our Ba Vi program, Christine will spend her time with us working with the kids in room 1, seen in pic with our little Lan. Welcome to the Red Lotus family Christine and thank you so much for coming to help us out.