Alexandra (USA)

Unfortunately last week saw our five students from San Jose University have to leave us but the good news is that this week another two arrived and one of them is Alexandra seen here in our soft room with our very own Lan Thu, welcome to the RLF family Alex.

Megan (USA)

Megan is the last of our San Jose University students for this year we are hoping to see many more next year and some of the current group returning independently a little later on.

Alyssa (USA)

Alyssa seen here with Tam Anh is the fifth of our current group of students from the San Jose University and although they leave us this week next week we will have two new students arrive, an ongoing and special relationship with San Jose University.

Deborah (USA)

Deborah is another of our OT students from San Jose University seen here working with our room 7 kids ♥♥ super-boy in the background 😀

Melissa (USA)

Melissa is the second of our OT students from San Jose University seen here becoming acquainted with our little Phuc

Betty (USA)

Betty is an OT student from San Jose University who is here with four fellow students and seen here working with Lan Thu in our soft room.

Jennifer (Australia)

Jennifer is back with us again after firstly being a student volunteer. The kids of room 7 are very happy to see her back again and so are we. Jennifer is a wonderful ambassador and a valued member of the RLF family.

Kimberly (Australia)

A big thank you to Kimberly a physiotherapy student from Australia who has come to our Ba Vi program to help train our Helping Hands staff and also of course to help our kids ♥♥

Presbyterian Ladies College (Sydney - Australia)

So great to have PLC back for their annual trip and a great time for our kids as they have their once a year visit to Tan Da for a swim.Its a little difficult to explain the invaluable meaning this has for our kids and also the students of PLC.

Sarah (England)

A big welcome to Sarah, a teacher by trade who has been a magnificent help to our Helping Hands Vietnam teacher Hien and the beautiful kids that they work with. A first time volunteer but certain to be back, welcome to the RLF family.