Carmen (Spain)

Carmen (Spain) appears to be more beautiful every time she returns to us 😍 Carmen has been with Red Lotus for 7 years already, the first time at the Reach program in Hanoi and then a Ba Vi regular, so happy to see you back again sister ♥♥

Anne (France)

Anne is a first time volunteer with us and has waited a long time to join us so we are really happy to finally have her here. She is seen in the pic with kids and staff from room 5 where she will spend her time with us.

Catherine and Lauren (USA)

Red Lotus is always happy to welcome families to our programs and that is what we have with mother and daughter team Catherine and Lauren. They now have the opportunity to share a very special experience together and we are happy to play a part in that journey. They also received a special welcome at a local Buddhist pagoda which is a teaching they and all of our staff embrace.

Sara (Spain)

Its Sara's first time with us but we are sure like many others it won't be here last. She has quickly established some new friends in rooms one and two and is now truly a member of the Red Lotus family.

Patty (Germany)

This is Patty's fifth time with us so it is easy for her to just seamlessly slip back into the tasks she has and to catch up again with her little friends, she is fortunate in that she can really observe the growth of each child in the rooms that she works, she is seen her with Roi and Bao Han

Sharon (Australia)

Sharon first came to us six years ago when we ran a program in Sapa town, its so good to have her back with us again at our Ba Vi program

Brittaney (Australia)

Brittaney is back at Ba Vi for a second time and immediately headed to meet up with her kids and friends from room 6

Paige (Australia)

Paige is back with us again and immediately headed off to her old room and friends. We are fortunate to have so many volunteers return and are able to just get back into a routine and most of the kids do remember.

Audrey (Australia)

Audrey is a first time volunteer with us and is going to spend her time taking kids to and from our soft room. The kids absolutely love this room and so do our staff, such great therapy for the kids. Audrey is seen with our very own Lan Thu.

Sonder Youth Program

Another group of wonderful young students that visit us twice each year. Sonder is led by a beautiful friend of our family in Vietnam and an inspirational young lady called Avalon. A real joy to have her back so often and great to meet her inspiring young change makers.