Megan (Australia)

Megan is back with us again after first coming with the passports with purpose student program one year ago. It didn't take her long to find her little friend Binh and take him for a walk to catch up.

Short City Tour

Lunch in Hanoi with Red Lotus staff, Sonder Youth Program participants and Patty, Sam and Shari, family

Shari (USA)

Shari is back with us again for her fourth trip and seen here spending some time with Nhat. It is great to have a huge amount of returning volunteers and to see them roll back into the roles they had before as though they had never left.

Harry (Australia)

Harry is the third member from the Sonder Youth Program to visit us this year. Sonder is an annual volunteer group that keeps helping us expand our RLF family.

Briatta (Australia)

Briatta joins us through the Sonder Youth program that brings young changemakers to us each year. Briatta is a wonderful young lady with a very special heart and it has been great having her here and we are already looking forward to her return.

Avalon (Australia)

Our Avalon is back with us again for a sixth time. Avalon runs a youth program in Australia known as Sonder Youth and apart from her personal volunteering with us she also brings some students with her to give them a view of how life is for those less fortunate and also to experience a different Culture.

Patty and Sam (Germany)

This has been a great family month for us. After Shinjyu and Colette we are lucky enough to welcome back Patty for her sixth time with us and this time with her son Sam. So the Red Lotus family continues to grow, families within family.

Colette (USA)

Colette has come to us with her mother Shinjyu and she follows four years after her father and brother were here. Love to have families join our Red Lotus family.

Shinjyu (USA)

We are very happy to have Shinjyu and her daughter Colette with us approximately 4 years after her husband Eric was with us. Great to have the full family joining the Red Lotus family.

Allison (USA)

Alison enjoying our dance day with Baby 😊 Alison is another San Jose OT student and its been our pleasure to have them all here with us, they have been brilliant helping us out ♥♥