Lorie (Switzerland)

Lorie seen here catching up with some new friends at Ba Vi Center. Welcome to the RLF family our friend and enjoy your time, thanks for coming to help out <3

Hoai Farewell

Farewell party for our much loved RLF manager and dear friend Hoai 😢 we will miss her dearly but wish her well with her new career in the yoga world 🙏 much love ♥♥

Justine (RLF Coordinator Ba Vi)

Justine took a few days out of her busy schedule to help out with the kids at the Huong La Center and to bring some joy and happiness to their lives, a great time for all.

Martina (Switzerland)

Martina is with Toan in our soft room helping with some core exercises and doing our number priority, making a child smile :)

Katelyn (Australia)

Great to have Katelyn a first time volunteer with us and we are sure she will join our long list of returning vols, thanks for your help friend

Renee (Australia)

We are very happy to welcome Renee back again. Renee first came to us with a student program and has become a great supporter of RLF and our Helping Hands Vietnam program.

Charlotte (Canada)

Welcome back Charlotte we are all really happy to see you back at Ba Vi again 😊that of course includes Phuc and Nha ♥♥

University of New South Wales - Passports with Purpose

Two more of our student volunteers Justine and Sash with their new friends in room 7.

University of New South Wales - Passports with Purpose

Jasmine another of our students making friends with Thuong. During her time with us Jasmine will help out in rooms 3 and 4 with some of our most disabled children, a testing but joyous time.

University of New South Wales - Passports with Purpose

Dash acquainting herself with Thuong and Thao from room 4. We each have the capacity to give and without seeking reward we will receive it in abundance.