Huong La Center

Today we delivered 4 new support chairs and some walking aids to the kids at Huong La Center. The center is run by the Catholic Sisters of Unity, today was a special day for everyone.

Huong La Center

A new program and some more kids in need and we will does our best to see that those needs are met. Today we started a food program for the kids, (thanks Patty) and identified some much needed disability aids, if you would like to help out just let me know with a message♥♥

HHV Staff Members

Tham is our HHV wellness coordinator and Chuyen who is hidden in her ninja outfit :) is one of our Physio workers, both seen here with a few of the kids they help out each day

New Electric Wheelchair

Thanks to the staff from the Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice (Sussex, UK), Helping Hands was able to purchase an electric wheelchair! So far Roi, Lan Thu & Mai have used the chair and it was a huge success! They are loving the independence and freedom in using the chair! We are looking forward to trying it out with more residents. Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Presbyterian Ladies College (Sydney - Australia)

PLC and their student families are one of our greatest supporters and each year they come for a five day visit and then return to Australia for their annual Ba Vi fundraiser. We could not do everything we do without their support. A bitter sweet moment, always so happy to see them, so sad to see them go.

Phuong and Son

Sensory work for Son from Phuong our Creative Therapy Coordinator ♥♥

Creative Therapy Room

They say that creative therapy enhances your emotional wellbeing, I guess if the smile on Thuong's face is anything to go by then that is certainly true. Since starting our creative therapy program 3 years ago and building our new room 1 year ago the kids just cant get enough, and we cannot get enough of them to the room. It is a place that gives them joy and in return much joy to us and the volunteers that help out.

Hospital Visit

This morning, Helping Hands arranged to take 3 children and 1 adult to the local hospital. They went for x-rays and general health checkups. Dung, Lan, Mai & Lan are healthy and healing! Thank you to everyone who supports us and makes trips like these possible!

New Support Chairs

With the help of our much loved volunteer Nicola, Helping Hands was able to purchase three new rehabilitation support chairs. These chairs are slightly different from our other rehab chairs as they are able to recline. They are very suitable for a few of our children who could not sit in the other ones! As you can see, we have some very happy boys trying out the new chairs!!

Our Team

Over the years we have slowly built up our team at the center, we now employ 15 people to help the kids, 2 foreigners, 6 locals, and also 7 residents of the center, all devoted and caring people