I first volunteered in Vietnam in 2007 and repeated that on a number of occasions before coming to Vietnam to live permanently and to set up Red Lotus in 2009

We are a family, our volunteers, our kids, our organisations, and if you come to us then you become part of that family and are given the respect accorded to each member

We started our Helping Hands Vietnam program a little over six years ago so that we could give more and provide relief for those in need, we work at the grass roots and are proud of the direction Red Lotus and HHV is moving

We operate on 4 guiding principles, love, compassion, understanding, and truth - those principles guide our work and our lives and we hope that we can share our way with you

Our primary focus is now on children with disabilities, specifically our Ba Vi program, the most needy program I have seen in Vietnam in my 9 years here and the Huong La Center. HHV now empoys one English nurse, six local ladies, and 6 residents of the center, they are the core of everything that we do.

 I hope you can come and join us, you will be welcomed with open arms and we will try our best to ensure you have a joyful and meaningful time here, please come with an open mind and heart and limit your expectations, this is a third world country, not only by name, but also by nature 

Our Staff

Founder/Director Terry - Red Lotus Manager Hoai, Red Lotus Ba Vi Coordinator Justine

Helping Hands Vietnam Manager Thuy, Health Coordinator Katie, Rehabilitation workers Chuyen and Nang, Teacher Hien, Occupational Therapy worker Thuan, Wellness Coordinator Tham, Creative Therapy teacher Phuong, Activity Coordinator Loan, Youth Coordinator Trang


Come Join Us