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Its never easy to choose a volunteer program, so many, so many promises. We dont boast about stats, dont claim to be the cheapest, the best, we just do what we do because we love it and because we can give people an opportunity to share. We live here, we volunteer here, and we love the work we do. We charge a fair fee that allows us to live and to provide the service that we do. We have two of the most needy, yet popular programs in Vietnam, Ba Vi disability center, and the Huong La center. We started our "Helping Hands Vietnam" program to provide more assistance to our programs and the disadvantaged peoples of Vietnam.When you come to Red Lotus you become part of an ever growing international and local family. If you have a compassionate heart and understanding nature please join us. Contact us at redlotus810@gmail.com and please have a look at our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Red Lotus  

To become a volunteer is not necessarily about your giving, the true essence of teaching is in the learning you derive from others. The growth of friendships and the knowledge you gain through Cultural exchange, is the very essence of why Red Lotus was created. We exist so that both sides of the Cultural equation are the true beneficiaries.

We operate on four guiding principles, love, compassion, understanding, and truth - those principles guide our work and our lives, and we hope we can share our way with you 


Terry Hoai Thuong Chuyen Tham Hien


Red Lotus : We are fortunate that we are in a position to share with you an experience not easily forgotten, and humbled that we are able to assist in the growth of our beneficiaries through our volunteer program. We all live in Vietnam, we all volunteer and intimately know our program directors, and the wonderful children and young people that we serve. Our “Helping Hands Vietnam” project was not only designed to help the children and needy in our own programs, but also to bring aid to many other disadvantaged people and projects throughout Vietnam.

Costs: We are not here to make our fortune, this is a business, but one that firstly meets the needs of our programs before personal gain. We make a modest living allowance and have administration and operating costs, beyond that we cater to the material needs of our partners when we have the financial resources available to do so. We are the only volunteer service we know of that reduces fees each time you join us. 

Accommodation: Volunteers at our Ba VI program stay in a clean and comfortable guest house within walking distance of the center. The Huong La center has onsite accommodation and meals.

Philosophy: We are a small family of people who care for each other, our beneficiaries, and our volunteers. When you come to Red Lotus you become part of this family, and you are accorded the respect and courtesy that each family member deserves. We operate our programs with a philosophy that encompasses, compassion, love, understanding and truth.

Red Lotus Foundation offers the following volunteer opportunities at two locations in Northern Vietnam:

· Ba Vi Disability/Orphange Program
· Huong La House of Love DIsability/Orphanage Program 
· Share in a local community we call our own 
· Helping Hands Vietnam project

Red Lotus offers safe, high quality and extremely affordable volunteering placements and welcomes applications from people from all parts of the globe. We seek people that have a caring and compassionate nature, and are willing to give and receive life’s lessons.



“Exchanging Cultures – Changing Lives”

Our motto has real meaning to us and is the foundation by which we work.
Everybody associated with Red Lotus is a volunteer.