Avalon (Australia)

Avalon is back with us for the second time this year and we could not be happier, wonderful lady, lovely nature :) seen her with our little Nga

Issy (Australia)

Issy has had a rainy first week with us but today was dry enough for her to enjoy our weekly dance day at the Ba Vi centre, so happy to have another joyful soul with us 😊💜

Angela and Tracey (Canada)

It has been great having Angela and Tracey with us again, Angela a trained physiotherapist has been fantastic helping out our Helping Hands girls in the rehabilitation room and Tracey as valuable helping repairing our wheelchairs and specialised support chairs.

Patricia (USA)

We happily welcome Tricia to our Ba Vi Disability Center program. Tricia has some experience working with autistic kids in the US and has bought those skills to help our kids in our Ba Vi classroom that is run by our Helping Hands Vietnam teacher Hien.

Amanda (Australia)

Amanda returns to us for her forth assignment. Seen here with Roi from the Ba Vi Disability Center, Amanda has been a regular with us and a great supporter of our Helping Hands Vietnam program since 2012.


A great start to 2017, wonderful volunteers, great friends and our Red Lotus and HHV family

Global Youth Ambassador Program

YAP is back, the Global Youth Ambassador Program is back in Vietnam, seen here on their city tour in Hanoi. This is their third visit with us and two more planned later this year. If these young people are an indicator of what our future leaders will be like, then there will be many good times ahead.

School Time

Welcome to two wonderful young people from Australia, Michaela and Nick, they will spend two weeks at our Ba Vi teaching program and helping us out at the disability centre

Chris, Joey, Ashley (USA)

We are lucky to welcome three wonderful young people from the US this week. Joey a fifteen year old student is accompanied by two mentors to have his first taste of volunteering in a foreign country, we are sure he will enjoy his time with us and join the list of returning volunteers in the near future.

Carly (USA)

Yet another volunteer returning to Ba Vi for a fifth time, this time for a year, should be an interesting year with a wonderful young lady