Olivia (Australia)

Olivia (Australia) is back! Olivia is adored in rooms one and two, this is her fourth time back here in Ba Vi with us! Welcome back, Liv!

Frank (Germany)

Frank (Germany) is back in Ba Vi for a second time! He was very missed in room 6! Here is Frank with Ha My (rm. 5) and Hoa (rm. 6) having a lovely time outside this morning!

Liz (Australia)

Elizabeth is back with us! This is her third time here in Ba Vi. She will be spending much of her time in room 7 and the children are so excited she's here again! Welcome back, Liz!

Sunday Funday

Some volunteers like to take the oportunity to travel on weekends, others just love to stay and play with the kids :)

Meli (New Zealand)

Mel is back with us! She spent a lot of time here in Ba Vi last year. We've missed her terribly and the children were so happy to see her again!

Joey (USA)

Joey is back with us for a second time, seen here catching up with his little best friend Nam.

Sunil (England)

Sunil (England) has joined our Red Lotus family! Sunil is a special needs teacher back in the U.K., so he has been a great help to Hien in our schoolroom this past week! Here he is helping Chinh (Rm5) with his Math.

Rebecca (England)

Rebecca a qualified physiotherapist has visited us once before but this is her first time as a volunteer. Rebecca will spend 2 months helping to train our rehabilitation workers Chuyen and Nang and also assess children to be added to our physio roster. Her work is vital to our Helping Hands Vietnam program.

Jennifer (Wales)

Jen has came back to us again for a 3rd time, seen here having a game with our little Van. Jennifer is not only a committed volunteer but is also a part donor for Muoi who runs our creative therapy program.

Jilly (UK)

Jilly is back with her Vietnam family for a third time and we are all happy to have her here, especially our little Ducky (see pic) Jilly is a talented artist and also childrens author so she brings a lot of specialist skills to our creative therapy program, she also brings in abundance much love to share.