Frank (Germany)

Welcome back Frank for a third time with Red Lotus, our kids in room 6 could not be happier :)

Sylvie (Switzerland)

A big welcome to Sylvie seen here helping out in our rehabilitation room and having some fun with Toan. Enjoy your time with us friend :) <3

Erica (New Zealand)

Erica has come back to us again after previously coming on one of our youth tours, another great ambassador and friend. Seen here with a few of our less mobile kids on dance day, they may not be able to dance but they do love the music and the day.

Renee (Australia)

A big welcome to Renee, seen here taking a class with Chinh and Tu ♥ enjoy your time with us friend 😊

Mother and Daughter (New Zealand) Again :)

Alex who was a member of one of our youth programs also bought her mum Frances to Ba Vi this time around. So at the moment we have two returning youth leaders and two proud mums :)

Mother and Daughter (New Zealand)

Kyla who came to us on one of our youth programs a little over a year ago has returned this time with her mum Angela. It always a pleasure when someone returns, a real bonus for them and the kids when they bring a family member with them. Its always a little difficult to explain Ba Vi to others when you return, best to show them :)

Connor (New Zealand)

Connor is with us for the first time but is quickly making friends among the 180 odd children that we care for

Sam (Australia)

Sam is a second time volunteer, seen her renewing old acquaintances, the kids are very happy to see their Sam again

Erin (Canada)

Erin feeling very much at home with her new friends and family <3

Molly (USA)

It was only for a week but it was our pleasure to host this wonderful young lady, looking forward to her return already ♥