Clare (Australia)

Clare making friends with our Happy (Hanh Phuc) in the soft room, Clare comes to us from Canberra and will spend the next two weeks helping out with some sensory work in the soft room.

Sarah (England)

Sarah is back with us again, as sure as Xmas will come to us so will Sarah, she always brings a little more joy to our room 5 kids

Another World

Meli has her hands full and would not have it any other way, volunteering heals the heart and clears the mind

Rebecca (England)

Rebecca a trained physiotherapist from England is seen here taking class with our Helping Hands Vietnam medical coordinator Katie, occupational therapist worker Thuong, and Chuyen our Physiotherapy worker.

Clare (Australia)

Our cute and cuddly Clare is back with us again, reunited with the kids she loves <3

Brett (Canada)

Brett is back and brings with him quite a few footballs and basketballs. Although the majority of our kids cannot fully participate in physical activities those that can love the sporting type activities that Brett arranges during his times with us.

Global Village - University of New South Wales

Students Alex and Amy meeting up with their new friends for the next two weeks.

Global Village

We are really happy to again welcome another group from the Global Village program run by the University of New South Wales, Australia. We have groups come to us 3xtimes a year with each one as great as the other, pic shows Sindoora and Katie becoming acquainted with a few of our kids.

Tekla (New Zealand)

Tekla returns to us for her 5th time, as well as being a great volunteer Tekla also puts together our quarterly newsletter, another wonderful human being <3

Nicky (Australia)

Nicky is back with us yet again and is quick to catch up with some of her friends from previous assignments