Family Pic

Students from the University of New South Wales Global Village program, students here from all over for the GVN Youth Ambassador Program, Helping Hands Vietnam workers, and Red Lotus staff, lunch at a local Pagoda.

Joel (Singapore)

Joel who is a young photo journalist from Singapore joins us for the first time, we are all sure it will not be his last.

Kate (UK)

Kate (England) is back for a second time! Her physio experience has been a great help to our rehab program!! Its amazing that someone would fly from England to Vietnam for one week, just to catch up with us again and help out with the kids, such is the magic of Ba Vi.

Family Visit

The family of Justine (Australia) our Ba Vi Coordinator recently came to see their daughter who rarely gets back home nowadays. Justine is a brilliant coordinator and takes great care of our volunteers, she is also a wonderful and caring volunteer who works tirelessly with our kids here at the center, it was a special week for all of us to see her family come to Vietnam and see why their daughters is long absent from their home. Everyone now has a greater understanding of the commitment made by not just Justine but all who help here

Sara and Cecilia (Sweden)

Sara (Sweden) is back for a third time! She is an occupational therapist, & has helped with the training of Thương (now our Helping Hands OT)! This time she has brought along Cecilia. Cecilia is a physio and is fitting right in with our rehab program! We are lucky to have them both here!<3

Presbyterian Ladies College (Sydney)

It was great to welcome back the teachers and students from PLC for their annual visit. We always have many new young volunteers come to us in the future from these visits and we really appreciate the support the school gives to our Helping Hands Vietnam program. They now sponsor two of our HHV workers and if we need financial aid they are always there for us, wonderful people, brilliant partners.

Laura (Australia)

Laura is a first time volunteer with us but this certainly will not be her last, plans already in place for her return :)

Julie (Australia)

Julie relaxing with the kids from room 5, Julie is a registered nurse and will spend the next six weeks helping out our very own nurse. Katie from England has been with us at the center for the past three years and is funded through our Helping Hands Vietnam program.

Avalon (Australia)

Avalon is back with us for the second time this year and we could not be happier, wonderful lady, lovely nature :) seen her with our little Nga

Issy (Australia)

Issy has had a rainy first week with us but today was dry enough for her to enjoy our weekly dance day at the Ba Vi centre, so happy to have another joyful soul with us 😊💜