Brittaney (Australia)

Brittaney is back at Ba Vi for a second time and immediately headed to meet up with her kids and friends from room 6

Paige (Australia)

Paige is back with us again and immediately headed off to her old room and friends. We are fortunate to have so many volunteers return and are able to just get back into a routine and most of the kids do remember.

Audrey (Australia)

Audrey is a first time volunteer with us and is going to spend her time taking kids to and from our soft room. The kids absolutely love this room and so do our staff, such great therapy for the kids. Audrey is seen with our very own Lan Thu.

Sonder Youth Program

Another group of wonderful young students that visit us twice each year. Sonder is led by a beautiful friend of our family in Vietnam and an inspirational young lady called Avalon. A real joy to have her back so often and great to meet her inspiring young change makers.

Passports With A Purpose

Students from the University of NSW (Australia) have arrived in Ba Vi 😊 the University send two groups to us each year from their Passports With A Purpose program, each group as wonderful as the last ♥♥

Kayleigh (Australia)

Kayleigh is celebrating her first time with us but it certainly will not be her last, new friends, new family <3

Sarah (Australia)

Sarah is seen catching with some friends from 2 years ago, we are so happy to have this wonderful young lady back with us again <3

Grace (England)

Grace making a new friend with our little Tam in Ba Vi, welcome Grace and thank you for joining our Red Lotus family <3

Mia (England)

Mia has only been with us a few days but is already hard at work in our rehabilitation room, seen here with Lan who recently suffered a broken leg ♥♥

Lanna (Australia)

Lanna is a welcome addition to our Ba Vi program, a young lady from Australia with a Vietnamese heritage, giving back and discovering things about herself and the Culture of her ancestors, we are very happy to play a small role in her journey