Nang is part of our HHV rehabilitation program. She does the rehab with our children, along with Chuyên. Here she is pictured with Lan (room 1). Lan has been making great progress, especially with her head control. She is one of many children advancing thanks to the amazing work by Chuyên & Nang!


Thắm is our adored Wellness Coordinator. She acts as an assistant to Katie, who handles much of our medical care here at the centre. Here is Thằm pictured helping one of the residents this morning.

Rainy Season

Some of the team having a little fun as the heavy rain comes down and we are all trapped in the rehabilitation room :)

Ha Mi and Van

Ha Mi and Van making good use of our creative therapy room. Approximately 8 months ago HHV fundraised and built our new creative therapy room, a wonderful place for the kids to express themselves through art, music and sensory play.

Some of the residents HHV employs

Ha, Gai, Phong, and Hai are four of our resident employees! Here they are helping some of their fellow residents to get out for an evening walk! <3


This is Tom from room 7. Last month, Tom went to The National Children's Hospital in Hanoi along with a few other children to have a checkup on his heart. They found a narrowing in his heart that would need to be repaired in order for Tom to live a full, healthy life! This past weekend, he had a procedure done to repair the problem! He is already back at the centre and pretty much recovered! Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity in continuing to enable Helping Hands to help children like Tom! Thanks to you we are another step closer to happy, healthy children! 💜

The people who help make it happen

A pic of some of the people who help make Helping Hands Vietnam happen. We currently employ one foreign nurse, six locals, and seven residents who all work at the Ba Vi Disability program in the areas of Health, Education, Therapy, Activities and in general caring roles. They play a vital role in helping our volunteers adjust and to work at the centre.

Ha and Trung

Our Helping Hands worker Hà having a cuddle with Trung from room 3. Hà is a resident of the centre... HHV actually employs 6 residents that help our volunteers and other HHV staff with their work. We are fortunate to be able to call on people like Hà to help us as it is not always gauranteed that we will have a lot of volunteers! It also gives us the opportunity to help Hà and others and to help provide a pathway to future employment.

In Need of Help

In the picture on the right hand side is a lady and mother called Cham, she is pictured with her mother and daughter. Last year Cham had cancerous cells around her throat removed but they have returned and now her only hope is to have 12 months treatment of Chemotherapy. There is no men left in the family as Cham's father died from an unknown illness many years ago and her husband from a heart disease 3 years ago. They have had to sell virtually everything they owned for the operation last year and now in debt and without any income Cham faces a bleak future. We are doing a fundraiser to make it possible for her to have the chemotherapy and also to relieve their debt. If you see this and feel that you would like to help then please go to our facebook page and follow the GoFundMe link.

Thuong In Australia

A very proud moment for Helping Hands Vietnam as Thuong our Occupational Therapy worker is now in Australia for three weeks of training. Thuong will work at a Child Care Centre and School for Autistic children in Canberra. Thuong is the first of our team to go overseas to receive training. We hope in the future that with other kind sponsors we will see more of our staff given the opportunity to develop new skills overseas.