Creative Therapy Room

We have also just built and opened our new creative therapy room. Our teacher Muoi is happy to have a private space to work with the kids, and also to have the resources to help them express themselves.

Soft/Sensory Room

We have just opened our newly built soft/sensory room. Our kids will have some great times in here and it will also aid in their self rehabilitation program.

Mit's Birthday

Our Helping Hands team helping Mit celebrate her birthday, Mit has down syndrome but that does not stop her enjoying life with us, we all have limitations, and sometimes I think she is happier than we ever will be.


Our Helping Hands Vietnam team looking good in their summer uniform :) come and help them to help our kids <3

Hospital Visit

Last week, Helping Hands was able to take 6 babies to the National Children's Hospital in Hanoi. 4 babies went for ear infections and 2 little ones with Down syndrome went to have their hearts checked. This week we have 6 healthy children. 💜

Rehabilitation Work

Amazing things are happening in our Rehab program! Doi, Van Roi, Lan & Nhi spent most of their time lying on their backs. They did not have much strength before and could not move very much. Now, they have chairs they sit in at some point each day, to meet each of their specific needs so they are sitting up-right and gaining strength. They each have a daily session in our rehab room. Due to the amazing work by Chuyên and Nang, all 4 of them now have tummy time and can push themselves up. They are getting so strong! Great progress! 💜

New Rooms

Without much ceremony, but with a great deal of happiness 😊 this week we broke ground on what will soon become a new Creative Therapy room, a new Sensory/Soft room, and an Equipment Storage room. Thank you to all who made this possible 💜

Anita (SIngapore)

A little visit goes a long way, thanks to Anita visiting the Ba Vi disability center we now have an extra $1,500 to help the kids out courtesy of Oakwood Worldwide Associates

Our Team - Purple Haze

We love our work and taking a little time to play :) family is a bond that cannot be broken and a true love shared

Phan Anh

Phan Anh is a 12 year old boy at the disability centre who has been suffering from chronic diarrhoea for over 6 months and has lost a lot of weight. His multiple tests have shown that he was suffering from various bacterial and parasitic infections. We have been taking him to hospital, giving him the prescribed medication, feeding him extra nutritional meals and supplements, as well as renovating the room that he sleeps in to improve the environmental conditions that contributed to the underlying causes of his problem. After 7 hospital visits for ongoing assessment and treatment, paid for by the generous donations to the HHV medical fund, Phan Anh has finally turned a corner! His diarrhoea has improved and he is starting to put back on the weight that he has lost. He understandably has also got a lot more energy and is a generally happier boy!