Em Nu

Em nu is one of our young adult residents and had for many years only been able to move around with the help of her friends at the center and a little stool she had to sit on. Today was a special day when we were able to give her a new wheelchair, something as you can see that made her very happy and also bought a smile to our faces. Giving is something we should never take for granted, for in giving without thought of something in return brings the greatest joy, it did today.

Nutrition Program

Our nutrition program for the kids and people of the center continues. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday we give fruit and yoghurt to all of the kids in the center (180) and on Thursdays we give fruit to all of the older residents, today was banana day :)

Art Therapy

Over the next 2 months at the center Jennifer and Jilly both from Great Britain will train another local lady for our Helping Hands Vietnam program. Jennifer and Jilly are both accomplished artists and have been conducting an art therapy program with as many of the kids at the center as possible. In order to make the program sustainable they will train Muoi and also provide funding for a salary so that she can then carry on their work. We are lucky to have such a diverse range of volunteers come to us and help us provide the variety that the children need in their lives. (more pics below)

New Wheelchairs, Standers, Therapy Cushions

HHV has purchased 4 new wheelchairs, 2 standers and 6 new therapy cushions for the kids in Ba Vi. Froggy takes his personal wheelchair for a spin, Van is the first to use a stander, and our little Buddha makes use of some of the cushions :) if you would like to help a little then please just leave a message <3

More Play Items

Happy Kids

"New Play Area"

It has taken a while but at last our new play area is ready for play :) Many thanks to the Presbyterian Ladies College in Sydney, Australia, and the United Nations International School in Hanoi for their generous donations and continued support of Helping Hands Vietnam.

"Kindergarten and Barney"

Staff take a lesson after putting the finishing touches to our new Kindergarten :) and Barney tries out his new feeding chair. Barney has been unable to use his hands/arms since we have known him but he is showing remarkable resiliance in trying, we hope in the future we can build back lost muscle and have our little friend eating on his own.

"Recent Happenings"

TV's and DVD's purchased for all rooms, Fridge room 3 for medicinal purposes, New sheltered play area under construction Thank you so much to all who make the lives of our kids more bearable

"The A Team"

Thanks to our generous international donors Helping Hands Vietnam has now created employment opportunities for 6 local young ladies, and 1 foreigner :) at the Ba Vi Disability Center, these young ladies in turn provide valuable services to our kids. So from left to right here is the team, Hien (teacher)Chuyen and Tham (rehabilitation workers) Katie (medical coordinator) Nha (Wellness Coordinator) Huong ( teacher for our sight impaired kids)