Phan Anh

Phan Anh is a 12 year old boy at the disability centre who has been suffering from chronic diarrhoea for over 6 months and has lost a lot of weight. His multiple tests have shown that he was suffering from various bacterial and parasitic infections. We have been taking him to hospital, giving him the prescribed medication, feeding him extra nutritional meals and supplements, as well as renovating the room that he sleeps in to improve the environmental conditions that contributed to the underlying causes of his problem. After 7 hospital visits for ongoing assessment and treatment, paid for by the generous donations to the HHV medical fund, Phan Anh has finally turned a corner! His diarrhoea has improved and he is starting to put back on the weight that he has lost. He understandably has also got a lot more energy and is a generally happier boy!

Chairs in Practice

Our new wheelchairs which were bought in October, are extremely popular and are helping more children and young people to develop their independent skills. The blue-striped wheelchairs are our most suitable ones for children to wheel themselves around. Tuan Anh, Lan Thu and Nha (pictured) love the freedom that it gives them. Our green, more supportive chair is great for so many of the young adults at the centre. It provides more comfortable support than other chairs, for those that cannot sit in basic wheelchairs. Being the only large chair that we have that comes with a secure tray table, it also provides more opportunities for some young people to feed themselves independently. Due to their success, we are looking to buy more of these chairs to be able to support these independent skills in more and more children and young adults.

Wedding time

Our HHV Activity Coordinator, Bien, was married last weekend and we were all there to wish her much happiness and good health for the future. Our volunteers enjoy these Cultural occasions and love the opportunity to dress in the very traditional Ao Dai dress.

UNSW Donation

Many thanks to the University of New South Wales (Australia) for their kind donation that has allowed us to purchase 3 new wheel chairs, 1 Specialized Support Chair and 1 Stander. This equipment will allow us to help many of the kids we could not before.

Teaching Program

Our teacher Hien works with children with a wide range of disabilities at the centre. Some children with very minimal disabilities have the potential to be accepted into the local school if they are able to demonstrate that they can keep up with their classmates. In the nearly 2 years that Hien has been with us, she has so far helped 3 children to reach the level of ability required by the local school. Linh (left) has been attending school for just over one year and Phuc and Huyen Anh (centre and right) started this month!! Great work Hien!! Hien and our Education program is sponsored by Wild Dog Publishing, Australia


This is Van, a 19 year old resident at the Ba Vi disability centre. She has a lot of complex medical issues, including problems with severe reflux. Helping Hands took her to hospital in Hanoi city last year, where the doctors prescribed some long term medications. Helping Hands continues to purchase these and the Helping Hands staff give them to Van daily. As a result of this and other interventions, such as providing a supportive chair to keep Van sitting upright for as long as possible, we have seen a significant improvement in her health. However, in the Spring of this year Van was beginning to lose a lot of weight. Some generous volunteers brought a supply of high-calorie nutritional supplements from their home countries which we give to Van daily. She is gradually beginning to put weight back on, and we are hoping that this will continue until she is at a healthier weight. To top it off, since she has started eating the supplements, Van has even begun smiling for the first time!


It takes a special person to teach children with multiple disabilities, we are lucky to have a knowledgeable, kind and compassionate teacher in our very own Hien <3 and thankful to Wild Dog Publishing, Australia who sponsor her

Em Dung and friends help out

Over the past two weekends our unofficial Helping Hands Vietnam leader in Hai Phong City Em Dung and her volunteer group have bought a tremendous amount of much needed resources to us and the Ba Vi center. Nappies, wet wipes, clothes, craft supplies, toys and many many other items. A wonderful lady who not only helps us but also the ethnic minority children in the north west and the disadvantaged people in Hai Phong. Thanks to Em Dung and all of her friends

New Specialist Chairs

Today HHV purchased five new special support chairs increasing our capacity to now take up to 12 children from their beds and give them the support and rehabilitation they need and we are happy to provide.

Water Blaster

Recently purchased water blaster has been a big hit around the center, cleaning play areas, rooms, toilet blocks. It ensures our kids live in a much cleaner environment